Tire Inflation

Tire Inflation

Nitron tire inflation systems breaks new ground in auto and tire industry by improving the quality and lifetime of tires. Using nitrogen gas in tire inflation process provides many advantages when compared to conventional tire inflation process performed with air. Our system which can be connected to the existing air compressor starts operating in a few minutes.


  • Active carbon tower instead of carbon filter
  • High quality air pre treatment unit
  • Longer membrane life time due to reliable design
  • No air consumption when nitrogen is not in use
  • Quite operation
  • No moving parts
  • Minimal maintenance requirement
  • Technical support
  • Spare part from own stock


  • Fuel economy is maintained as appropriate pressure reduces rolling resistance of tire
  • Pressure retention is maintained as nitrogen moves slower in the tire when compared to oxygen
  • Oxidation and rim rust is eliminated as nitrogen is a dry gas
  • Travel is more safer as tire failure reduces